The International Conference on Innovations and Advances in Cognitive Systems will be held on 27-28, May 2024 at Builders Engineering College, Kangayam, India.
Cognitive engineering is a relatively new discipline that gains a significant research attraction in this age of big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Cognitive systems are human-centred systems that supports and mimic human cognitive abilities such as decision-making, reasoning and problem-solving. Cognitive systems are now considered as a primary source for enabling cognitive interaction between humans and IT-based systems. ICIACS 2024 is an international conference initiated with a research theme “Computational Intelligence and Next-Generation Cognitive Systems”. This conference intends to enable a research discussion on the implementation of various computational intelligence methods, such as multi-task learning, transfer learning, deep learning, etc. to address the variety of challenges confronting the cognitive systems. ICIACS 2024 aims to showcase the concepts, principles, frameworks, processes and models of different cognition-related domains such as cognitive systems, information science, human-computer interaction, cybersecurity, automation etc. In addition, this conference emphasizes on the design and optimization of human users in cognitive systems since system thinking serves as a foundation for cognitive engineering. Also, research contributions are also welcome on the real-time applications of cognitive systems in terms of productivity, security, safety, and automation.
Builders Engineering College

Erode Builder Educational Trust (EBET), has been founded by a group of like-minded visionaries who felt the need for an apex academic and professional educational institution, committed to deliver through a number of institutes, schools and colleges, high standards of academic excellence for enriching lives through value based education. Builders Engineering College (Formerly Erode Builder Educational Trust’s Group of Institutions) was founded in the year 2009 by EBET.


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